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Mike started playing at some ridiculously early age before hooking up with The Management. Also fronts his own originals band The Standard Lamps which got to support The Who at their UK gigs in 2014. Will hopefully hit the big time and buy us another coach just for the roadies…

Hobbies: skydiving and collects old LPs.
Glen was born to Rock n Roll. From an early age (about 18 months) he wanted to be like the kings of rock n roll, in the style of the 50’s with his trademark quiff. Likes to entertain the crowds, keeping them dancing all night long (Don't we all?)

Interests: Base-jumping and anything electrical.
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The great drum meister puts down a mean beat and has more experience than the rest of us put together. Also plays with The Original Jukebox Heroes, Sweet and The Glitter Band – when we let him.

Otherwise: freestyle mountaineering and Tai Chi master.
Drives the big black coach and keeps it shiny. Plays bass in a very odd fashion and sings a bit when Glen needs a break.

Also: gymnast and races downhill mountain bikes. Not grown up yet then...

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